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Performance Coaching: How to improve performance through recognition, support, tough conversations, and making tough decisions


5 C's of Virtual Leadership



How to build a better recruitment and selection process 



How to build your company’s foundation with purpose and values



How to Orient & On-board your employees correctly



CX Strategy: How to address low or falling customer satisfaction and loyalty



EX Strategy: How to address low or falling employee satisfaction and loyalty 



Leadership Strategy: How to develop leadership skills at all levels of your organization



Culture Hacker Virtual Summit



How to truly engage your employees by sharing objectives and goals and getting them involved in the plans



The Top 10 ways to improve your culture in 2021

Meet Some of our Featured Experts

Shane Green

Topic: Performance Coaching: How to improve performance through recognition, support, tough conversations, and making tough decisions

A world-renowned keynote speaker, author of Culture Hacker, and television personality, Shane Green is a business magnate who consults global Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. Shane draws upon his foundation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and his work in multiple industries to transform your employees’ mindsets, experience, and habits to improve the customer experience, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Shep Hyken

Topic: Creating your Brand of AMAZING CX

One of the top business and leadership experts in the world.
customer service, customer experience, customer-focused culture. Shep Hyken has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 100 size organizations to companies with less than 50 employees.

Annette Franz

TOPIC: How to Get Your Customer Journey Map Going

Annette Franz, CCXP is founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She’s got more than 25 years of experience helping companies understand their employees and customers and identify what drives retention, satisfaction, engagement, and the overall experience – so that employees, customers, and businesses reap the benefits and achieve their desired outcomes.  Annette was named one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider and is an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader. Annette is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for successful business and career coaches. Members are selected based on their depth and diversity of experience. And, finally, she is an Advisory Board Member for CX@Rutgers.

Jeanne Bliss

TOPIC: How to Get The ROI OF CX... Customer Math

Founder and President of CustomerBliss & Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association. Jeanne is one of the first people who come to mind when you think of a customer expert. ... She pioneered the role of the Chief Customer Officer, holding the first ever CCO role at Lands' End, Microsoft, Coldwell ...

Don Peppers

TOPIC: If you don’t want to lose customers… forget WOW and go for Friction-less Customer Experience

Recognized for 25 years as one of the world's leading authorities on customer-focused business strategies, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author and co-founder, along with Martha Rogers Ph.D., of Peppers & Rogers Group. His latest endeavor is the formation of CX Speakers, a new company delivering workshops, keynote presentations and thought leadership consulting that is focused on customer experience topics.

Ron Kaufman

TOPIC: The 4 Requirements for starting a CX Revolution in Your Organization

Ron is the author of the New York Times bestseller Uplifting Service and 14 other books on service, business and inspiration. Ron has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today. In 2018, GlobalGurus rated Ron the #1 customer service guru in the world. Ron works with a successful clientele of government agencies and multinational corporations including Singapore Airlines, Xerox, Nokia Siemens, Marina Bay Sands and Changi Airport. He delivers powerful business insights and global best practices enabling organizations to gain a sustainable advantage through service.

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Holly Stover  //  Organizational Customer Service Manager, Columbia Association

If you are looking for a Customer Experience summit to attend in – this is the one!...

The speakers last year were fantastic! I had the privilege to share ideas with a small group of international customer experience travelers. We were able to share some great ideas and a few laughs. Abraham did a great job at hosting and keeping the summit moving at the right speed. Some of the highlights for me were getting to ask Chip Bell and Shep Hyken questions and speak with one of my CX heroes – John DiJulius. Thanks to Abraham and John, I was invited to attend the Customer Service Revolution 2018 Conference in Cleveland – excellent does not even begin to tell the story! If you are looking for a Customer Experience summit to attend in – this is the one! 

TODD THOUSAND //  VP of Development, IT360, Inc.

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How’d You Like To Access DOZENS of World-Class Customer Service & CX Expert Sessions & Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you strategies that top people in the industry use and recommend. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

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