Why So Much Talent Is Lost within the First 60 Days – Replay

The Problem

Many organizations invest in hiring great people only to lose them physically and emotionally within the first 60 days because of a poor orientation and onboarding
process, which creates a legitimate cost and burden to the business.

What You’ll Learn During This Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn about effective orientation and onboarding strategies that will increase employee loyalty and engagement.

Outcomes You’ll Get by Participating in This Webinar

  • Understand the difference between orientation and onboarding and why both are critical to a great employee experience and culture.
  • Review the key elements of an effective orientation experience.
  • Review the key elements to an effective onboarding program.

Culture Hacker Tool to Use:

General Orientation Guidelines

Meet the Presenter

Shane Green

Organizational and Corporate Culture Coach and Speaker

World-renowned keynote speaker, author of "Culture Hacker", and television personality Shane Green is a business magnate who consults global Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. Shane draws upon his foundation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and his work in multiple industries to transform your employees’ mindsets, experience, and habits to improve the customer experience, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Abraham Venismach

Owner/Partner, Customer Service Professional Network 200K+

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