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The 5 C's of Virtual Leadership

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Shane Green

President & Founder SGE International, Author of the "Culture Hacker

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As managers shift their thinking to leading a remote or virtual team they often find themselves thinking about how their current behaviors translate via technology. While the habits remain the same, managers must evolve some of their activities and routine to ensure their remote workforce is inspired to elevate their performance and maximize their talent. The 5 C's reinforce the habits and help managers evolve their leadership practices to be effective with their dispersed team.

What you'll discover on this live webinar:

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    Keep your remote workforce on track by leading them as a team. Leading your remote team means keeping them focused on the mission, reinforcing values, keeping track of deadlines, ensuring everyone gets to have a say, and ultimately making decisions as necessary.
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    Keep your remote workforce performing at a high level through effective communication. Establish daily, weekly, monthly, and as-needed meetings and conversations to ensure each team member has an opportunity to talk, listen, and engage with others.
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    Keep your remote workforce performing at their best through coaching. Ensure your feedback is timely, balanced, specific, and based on questions, not statements. Also, get creative with recognition to ensure it is delivered to each person in the method they prefer.
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    BONUS: The Virtual Coffee Break One of our favorite activities is to have a virtual coffee break by providing members of the team with a free coffee (delivered or as a gift card) and then setting up a time with the team just to talk and share ideas. Communication and
    collaboration are an important part of our virtual leadership strategy.

Meet Shane Green
Organizational and Corporate Culture Coach and Speaker

World-renowned keynote speaker, author of Culture Hacker, and television personality Shane Green is a business magnate who consults global Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. Shane draws upon his foundation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and his work in multiple industries to transform your employees’ mindsets, experience, and habits to improve the customer experience, employee retention, and organizational performance.


March 26


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