Interview Info

Interview Information

CX Success Summit Basic Format

Be sure to have a quality mic & camera (If you don’t want to be on video, that’s fine, please let me know.) We may also do a quick promo video snippet that will go when long with your picture on the landing page.

Please schedule between November 15th December 31st
Interviews are done through
I’ll be sending you an invitation before your interview. Looking forward! Abraham 🙂

Everything will be pre-recorded.

Time:  Segment  What will be happening
:30 :00 – :30 Intro
Me :30 :30 – 1:30 Welcome, Monologue
YOU 2:00 1:30 – 3:30 You tell us about you
Me :15 3:30 – 3:45 I ask: “Ok, let’s get right into it. What problem are you going to show us how to solve today? (You can do more than one.)
YOU 22:45 3:45 – 25:00 Show how to solve the problem… show us your “magic!” Please give us actions we can implement immediately.  How long until we see results from these actions? Leave time for Reviewing
YOU 2:00 25:00 – 27:00 Wrap up & Thanks, ask you how people can contact you, your website and do you have a special offer for our audience. You thank and give it out.
Me 2:05 27:00 – 29:30 Wrap up monologue
:30 29:30 – 30:00 Outro



This is a basic format and time line. If you have ideas to make it more engaging and fun… please feel free to do so!

The total interview time is about 30 minutes. If it goes over… that’s ok too! 🙂

The main thing is to give the attendee a great experience! (Ain’t that was this is all about!? 😉