Why Communication Is The Most Important Leadership Tool and How to Effectively Communicate for Great Organizational Performance

Problem: Most managers understand the importance of coaching employees, but few do it correctly, thereby significantly reducing employee performance. In this webinar, you will learn about the employee coaching model and the various things a manager must do to coach their teams successfully.

What you'll discover in this webinar:

Learn how to identify the coaching needs of your employees

Review how to recognize your employees utilizing the Say, Write, and Do model

Understand why tough conversations and decisions are important for any business

Tool: Performance Coaching Grid and Model

Meet the Presenter

Shane Green

Organizational and Corporate Culture Coach and Speaker

World-renowned keynote speaker, author of "Culture Hacker", and television personality Shane Green is a business magnate who consults global Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. Shane draws upon his foundation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and his work in multiple industries to transform your employees’ mindsets, experience, and habits to improve the customer experience, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Your Host

Abraham Venismach

Owner/Partner, Customer Service Professional Network 200K+

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